Five Senses Bulgarian Rose Oil

26, February 2018

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The Five Senses Bulgarian Rose Exquisite Oil is blended the 100% Pure Bulgarian Rose Oil with the highly moisturizing Jojoba Oil to sooth your skin. The formulation is 100% natural, combining the skin healing and anti-aging properties of Rose Oil with the high natural skin moisturizing factors of Jojoba Oil, to create a face and body oil that can restore mature and aging skin, while possessing a natural alluring aroma to express a woman’s femininity.

Especially during the winter, applying the Five Senses Bulgarian Rose Exquisite Oil on body after bathing is a good way to moisturize your dry skin. Besides applying on body, the Five Senses Bulgarian Rose Exquisite Oil can also be applied on the face. Use 4-5 drops of Rose Oil and massage upwards with finger tips, to help rejuvenate dry and aging skin and keep your skin looking younger than ever!