The Bulgarian Rose Oil

23, February 2018

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Of all the flowers in the world, the Rose is undeniably the most popular and recognized flower, representing a special romance and allure. The appeal of the Rose is more than its beauty, it is a flower with so many benefits that make the Rose resonate such strong emotions with us. Since the Ancient Roman times, we had been harvesting Roses for fragrance and using Rose floral water for the face and body, and for bathing.

Of the various species of Roses, Rose Damascena or more commonly known as Rose Damask, especially from the region of the Rose Valley in Bulgaria, is one of the most luxurious flowers in the world, earning the beautiful name “The Queen of Flowers”. The Rosa Damascena in Bulgaria has only a harvesting season in every May and June, and carefully cut one by one before sending to the distilleries for making Rose Oil. The most luxurious Bulgarian Rose is picked by the hands in the sunrise with the early drops of morning dew. The highest saturation of floral water can only be distillated by the rose petals stained with the morning dew, and every 3 tons of rose petals can only refine a kilogram of Rose Oil[1] – that’s why the Bulgarian Rose Oil is luxurious and precious, and it is one of the best natural healing oils for our skin!

There are many functions about the precious Bulgarian Rose Oil, it can be used for nourishing, moisturizing and whitening to rejuvenate the again skin and keep your skin younger!