You should know these about candles…

23, March 2018

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Burning a candle is a great way to relax after a busy work day or to enhance the mood with a candle lit dinner! We have been using candles for centuries but you do know the difference between the different waxes used to make candles?

Paraffin Wax

Most candles we can find in stores are made by paraffin wax, a byproduct of petroleum. Having different boiling point and hardness, the paraffin wax can be used for different types of candle making, such as pillars candles and votive candles. Although paraffin wax is a petroleum byproduct, it does not affect our health with normal usage.

Soy Wax

Soy Wax has been a very popular type of candle by candles lovers in recent years. Soy Wax have a longer burning time with a lower melting temperature compared to other wax choices, which melts into a visually beautiful clear layer when burned in a glass container candle. Its melted wax can also be applied on body to make your skin soft, which is why it is also used in massage candles.

Bees Wax

Bees Wax was the most common candles ingredient before paraffin wax was invented. It is a natural wax product created by the worker bees. Adding bees wax into producing candles can increase the burning time of candles, at the same time it helps to purify your living place with its special and delightful aroma. But the downside of using bees wax is that it is very costly.

Coconut Wax

The thick and creamy coconut wax is extracted from pure natural coconut oils. Coconut wax is used for producing candles, while the oil is used in producing skin care products, such as lip balms and hand cream. The melted coconut wax from a candle can also be applied on your hand as a natural skin care product to nourish and pamper your hands, which is why it is also used in massage candles too.

Whatever candle you use at home, you must remember to open windows and doors while during burning the candles to maintain air ventilation.

Some natural wax products will have a longer burning time and can also clean the air in your living place. We hope you find a candle you like in your next purchase!