Five Senses Leg Pads


The Five Senses Leg Pads wrap around the calves muscles and knee area to relax tiring leg muscles from the traditional blend of natural Thai herbs.  This treat is perfect for heels lovers.

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Key Ingredients in this product:


Leech Lime Peel


Tamarind Leaves

Product Code: FS L1
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Delivery: 1 day
Origin: Made in Thailand
Best Before: 1 year after opening
Net Weight: 640g
Package: Gift box, large paper bag

Please follow detailed usage instructions on directions and warnings leaflet.
Heating:  Microwave (800W) - 1 minute, reheat at 30 seconds if necessary; Oven (Set at 100 degrees Celcius) - Heat for 20 minutes.
Usage:  Test product to be desirable temperature before wearing over the calves or knee area and secure with Velcro.  Enjoy 20 minutes of warmth, relaxation and herbal aroma.