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Five Senses Eye Pillow


The Five Senses Herbal Eye Pillow relaxes the tiring eyes and temple area with a cooling and calming effect from the traditional blend of natural Thai herbs.

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Key Ingredients in this product:


Leech Lime Peel


Tamarind Leaves

Product Code: FS E1
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Delivery: 1 day
Origin: Made in Thailand
Best Before: 1 year after opening
Net Weight: 120g
Package: Small gift box, small paper bag

Please follow detailed usage instructions on directions and warnings leaflet.
Heating:  Microwave (800W) - place in the center of turntable, medium heat for 10-15 seconds, reheat at 10 seconds if necessary; Oven heating - Not recommended.
Usage:  Test product to be desirable temperature before applying over the eyes and temple area.  Enjoy 15 minutes of warmth, relaxation and herbal aroma.