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Five Senses Awake Energy Hand Moisturizer 30ml


Five Senses Awake Energy Hand Moisturizer is made with an organic blend of Macadamia Oil, Rosehip Oil and Shea Butter to leave the skin on your hands soft and nourished.  With addition of White Tea Leaf, Kakadu Plum and Pomegranate Extracts that possess high anti-oxidant properties to protect and prevent your skin from aging, and blended with Peppermint Oil and Lemongrass Oil to create this nourishing hand moisturizer with an invigorating mint aroma.

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Key Ingredients in this product:

Lemongrass Oil*

Macadamia Oil*

Peppermint Oil*

Rosehip Oil*

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Origin: Made in Australia
Net Weight: 30 ml

Apply one pump of the Hand Moisturizer on the back of the hands, clench both fists, and massage back-to-back.

When the fists are clenched, the skin on the back of the hands is stretched, allowing better and deeper penetration of the Hand Moisturizer.

Rub the remaining of the Hand Moisturizer all over the hands, between the fingers and around the nails.